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The name is Adri. 22. I'm a beautiful disaster. I usually say what I feel and how I feel tends to change often. I know my value and I don't need reassurance from others. I'm just a girl trying to find her way through this insane but wonderful roller coaster of a life with the help of those I love and the loving and watchful eye of God. I'm far from perfect but I'm trying to be the best I can be. I see. I speak. I listen. But most of all I love and that's where the real adventure begins.

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If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one.

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Your kiss feels like home and I’m so fucking homesick.

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People don’t like love, they like that flittery flirty feeling. They don’t love love - love is sacrificial, love is ferocious, it’s not emotive. Our culture doesn’t love love, it loves the idea of love. It wants the emotion without paying anything for it. It’s ridiculous.

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Do you ever just look at someone and become overwhelmed with this insuppressible longing for them? You crave this deep level of intimacy that you know would take years to develop. You know you can’t have them and you’re not even sure exactly why you want them, but you do – to the point where you can feel your bones aching at the thought of someone else holding them. It’s maddening, almost. But I would love to know that I’m not the only one.

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The last time you saw me, you hated me. But now we’re fucking and you keep moaning something about love.